Which Activities Are Most Suited To Car Camping?

Which Activities Are Most Suited To Car Camping?

How do you know when to car camp Vs. more traditional camping?

Car camping is rising in popularity, and it is predicted to be the best way to get away for a night or 2 in years to come.

There are, however, certain activities just call out for car camping above all other camping options!

When we say activities, we mean those places you want to go or those events you want to attend that require a short term stay, maybe a night here or two nights there, so you are going to find it easier to have something that is pre-prepared, easy to do and ready to go with not much notice!

So, when is car camping the best overall option to choose?

Let’s have a look at some of the perfect car camping scenarios when it really is the best option!

Music Festivals

Music festivals are the top choice for car camping options!

Festivals are only short in their duration, so the last thing you want to do is waste lots of time putting up fiddle setups, and they are often not suitable for caravans, so car camping would be the top choice for music festivals.


Are you keen on fishing?

And do you also find that your bivvy and all your fishing equipment can take up such a lot of room together?

Fishing would be a fantastic option to take for those overnight fishing breaks, and a car camping box can live alongside all of your fishing gear, so you can literally just pick it all up in one box and go!

Visiting Friends

Have you ever wanted to visit friends, or have friends visit you but you just know there isn’t enough room indoors?

This is where car camping can come in really handy when you are visiting, all you’ll need is a suitable space in the garden, and you can see the people you love with no overcrowding.

This also works in advance of people visiting you! They can visit you safely in the knowledge that they can ask to use the car camping box, and they will be safe in the garden and can put their breakfast order into you in the morning!

Long Journeys

Sometimes, traveling long distances is necessary to get somewhere, and often the journey might need the inclusion of a hotel or guesthouse to accommodate for the journey length.

When you have a car camping box and set up, you can take this hotel element out of the long drive, safe in the knowledge that you can stop along the route in a lovely space that accepts overnight stays, pop your camping box up and rest! 

Ready for the next leg of your journey!

A Short Getaway!

Lastly, we completely advocate those short, no-notice-needed getaways!

Having a car camping set up can make this so incredibly easy! Knowing you can pack the car super fast and just drive to somewhere beautiful to stopover for the night is a wonderfully freeing feeling!

Getting away at short notice needn’t need months of planning and expensive places to stay; you can literally just pack the car and go!

Car camping can be so effective in its uses for short-term getaways, and they give you the security of having your own place to stay, and that is anywhere that is appropriate for you and your setup.

You won’t need expensive hotels to accommodate you or even need a specifically designed place for camping! All you need is your tryst car camping set up, your four wheels, and your freedom.

How good does that sound?!

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