What Is Car Camping?

What Is Car Camping?

What is car camping, and why should you be doing it?

Car Camping…What actually is it? And why is it something you should be considering? Here’s the thing… Camping is amazing! This is something you need to know! To be stationed under the stars with a beautiful view to wake up to is something you can’t put a value on! But, Whether your set up comprises of a tent, a caravan, or a trailer package, you will appreciate that although the end result of camping is a wonderful experience, the organisation and the hauling lots of heavy equipment around to your favourite spot can be a mission! Car camping is in a league of its own, and it is becoming increasingly popular as a really clever alternative to hauling lots of heavy and bulky equipment around the country or having to worry about towing your pride and joy at short notice. Let’s be honest here, when the urge to go camping strikes, it just has to be done! But, sometimes, the desire to sleep under the stars does not understand the need for preparation, and this is where car camping steps into that breach and fills the specification of getting outdoors! So how do you car camp? This is the simple part! All you need to car camp is your car and some essential equipment, which is basically everything you will need to keep you dry, comfortable, fed, and watered.  So far, this is essentially all you will need to have a great car camping experience! The practical and physical things you’ll need are:
  • Your car! 
This goes without saying! This is the essential element that can get you to your beautiful destination.
  • Your Canvas! This essentially needs to be three things: Compact, Lightweight, easy to put up, and takedown.
  • Your Bed! Again, this needs to be as light and as comfortable as possible. The last thing you need for car camping is bulky camp beds with heavy setups etc.
  • Your Sustenance! Make sure that you take enough food and drink to make your car camping experience the easiest it can be, so take things you can easily store in the spaces you have in your car (The front footwells of your vehicle can be the perfect storage!)
Make sure that your food is easy to prepare too! You have to make peace with the fact that you will not be able to take as much with you as you would typically have in a caravan or a tent, and that can actually be very freeing! If there was ever a time to try car camping, it is now!  When the focus is very much on a “Staycation,” car camping can be that quick getaway solution. If the urge to go camping under the stars becomes too much, simply pack the car and find a beautiful spot, and off you go!  For more car camping blogs with the best information on how to be successful camping in your car, please visit our home page and see how we can make your experience a complete joy! You can also bookmark us for new blogs, new products as the number 1  website for tips, tricks, and essentials for your next car camping experience!

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