How Easy Is It To Go Car Camping?

How Easy Is It To Go Car Camping?

Is car camping a simple thing to do?

The glorious thing about car camping is the ease of it!

It is rocketing in popularity around the world, and there is nothing better than packing the car and heading off for a spontaneous night or weekend away, with no towing or fiddly tents to put up!

Here are some quickfire questions you may be asking about the ease of car camping!

Where can I go camping in my car?

There are so many options of destinations you can go to in your car!

The biggest rules to remember are parking restrictions and the ownership of private spaces, but if you have permission to be there, you can be there!

How do I car camp in a small car?

The boot of your car is a wonderful invention! It can allow that extra space in an otherwise small vehicle.

You will need something you can place in your boot that will extend the space for cooking etc., and you will need to be super clever about packing.

A car camping box that can provide you with everything you need to car camp in one box will always be the best suggestion that we can give you! No fuss, no hassle, and no taking up lots of weight or space!

Is car camping referring to sleeping in my car?

This can be a personal choice, and it is certainly not the wrong one!

But car camping is essentially the action of packing up your car with everything you need, pitching up beside your vehicle at your chosen destination, and enjoying the experience!

Of course, you can sleep in your car! But we are all about using your car as the camping space as effectively as possible!

What will I need to go car camping?

You will essentially need:

  • A setup that is compact and easy to transport, such as a car camping box that transforms into your sleeping space.
  • Cooking and preparation space. This is so you can create your beautiful camping dishes, make hot drinks, and it can also be used as an entertainment space for playing cards or writing, etc.
    You can get a kitchen setup similar to the car camping box, which is lightweight and convenient to just open up in your boot for ease.
  • Food and drink.
  • Fresh water.
  • A source of light.
  • A great destination!

How safe is car camping?

Car camping is just as safe as regular camping with a tent!

You can always make sure you are in the safest location possible out of the way of any obstructions to increase your personal safety and make sure you secure your car, whether you are inside it or not!

All in all, there are so many reasons that car camping is a legitimate and great alternative to regular camping.

Car camping is easy to achieve and allows you the freedom to travel around to different destinations because it really is more straightforward than pitching and taking down a full-size tent or towing a caravan around!

You can also find some beautiful locations to car camp, some places that won’t necessarily be suitable for other camping options.

With the proper setup and the correct know-how, you’ll never want to not car camp again!

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