Top 5 Unusual Essentials To Take On Your Next Car Camping Experience.

Top 5 Unusual Essentials To Take On Your Next Car Camping Experience.

The top 5 Unusual essential things you need to take when car camping you may not have thought about!

Camping is something that everyone should experience at least once in their lives! 

However, if you speak to a seasoned camper, they will tell you that sometimes even once a week, it is not enough!

Camping can be anything you want it to be! It can be the luxury of Glamping, right through sticks and a big sheet in your back garden, and everywhere in between!

The clever thing about car camping is that it is incredibly convenient to do, fast to set up, and comfortable to do. 

With some really innovative equipment designed to provide you everything you need for your next car camping experience, you can expect to have everything you need to hand, in handy, lightweight boxes!

But….theres always a but!! 

There will be some things you need to remember to take that you may not ordinarily think of to make your car camping experience the best it can be.

So what are they? And how will they help your car camping go without a hitch?

Let’s have a look!

  • Water!

This may seem like something we wouldn’t forget, right? You’d be surprised!

Car camping is not like regular camping, where you would have access to clean water, although it can be depending on where you decide to camp!

It is always best to carry some fresh water suitable for everything from cooking to washing and making your morning cuppa!

Having a fresh water source may not be possible to find if you have just popped out to the forest for a night or by the beach for a weekend, so make sure you have either a large water jug to carry in the car or a few large bottles of water.

  • Hygiene Wipes!

I think this one is self-explanatory!

Biodegradable hygiene wipes are the most precious thing to have when you are car camping, and they can do so much to make your experience amazing!

Making sure they are biodegradable is a sensible choice for nature. These are easily found on the high street. It also means they don’t have to be disposed of in a specialised way unless contaminated.

Here are just some of the things you can do with them:

  • Hands, Face, and Body clean.
  • Wiping debris from cooking surfaces before sanitising.
  • Cleaning headlamps and brake lights.
  • Use as a cool compress with water in case of stings, bites, or minor injuries.
  • Toilet Hygiene.
  • Headtorch!

There’s a high probability that, once you have chosen your car camping spot, that it will be somewhere new and exciting!

But this also means unfamiliar!

An LED headtorch is essential when car camping in any situation! It can provide some essential light to make sure you can do things safely without putting the main car lights on!

They are hands-free, so you just pop it on your head, and away you go! This is incredibly handy for overnight toilet visits, that hot chocolate before bed, or simply making sure you don’t trip over anything in your new surroundings!

  • Charging Cables!

We all know that modern devices can do literally anything these days, bar making your morning coffee! But they will be rendered useless if they have no charge!

Make sure you pack a charging cable that is suitable for all devices, and your handheld pieces of magic can be charged in the car, often through the USB attachment on the radio or the cigarette lighter port.

Making sure they are charged can allow you to get around using the inbuilt GPS and navigators when driving or walking to make sure you are safe on your car camping experience.

They can also provide the outlet to post gorgeous adventure pictures on your social media!

  • A rubbish bag or 2!

This essential needs no explanation! Rubbish bags are for rubbish!

This can be crucial to your car camping kit. The last thing you want to do is carry handfuls of rubbish from your car to a bin, which may be elusive to find depending on your chosen location!

A rubbish bag placed in the footwell of your car can be your temporary bin, keeping all the rubbish in one place until you can find a bin for it! 

Trust me; you don’t want rubbish scattered everywhere, spoiling your experience! So just tie the bag up when you are ready to leave and head for the next adventure spot via a suitable disposable point!

So, there are the 5 of the most unusual and often forgotten pieces of equipment you will need on your sext car camping experience, aside from the staples pieces from your car camping boxes!

You’ll undoubtedly know if you forget something essential, so we are here to make sure you remember the things you may forget!

Happy Car-Camping!

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