Car Camping On Tour!

How Can You Plan A Successful Car Camping Tour For Your Next Getaway?

So, now we have the essentials nailed down for a successful car camping experience; how do you know where to go?

The popularity of camping has gone and excelled itself in 2021, at a time when we can all now legitimately getaway, the UK campsites and tourist beauty spots are being booked up so quickly for families that have been unable to holiday for almost 18 months.

However, this is no problem when car camping is an incredible option! 

When you are only relying on your four wheels and your instinct (while carrying some very compact and clever pieces of kit!), the destination can literally be anywhere you desire! 

If you crave peace and grounding, car camping can be the best way forward! 

But how do you choose where to go?

Of course, there are plenty of options that don’t have to mean shelling out excessively for a pitch, and the most significant rule of thumb when car camping is is that if you have permission and space to be somewhere, you can be there!

Let’s look at some out-of-the-box ideas for a bit of a tour with your car camping setup because we can now have those spontaneous overnight experiences without having to worry about checking in and out, or indeed worry about being in a crowded place!

Overlooking The Sea-

Can you imagine waking up to the fresh salty air and the sea breeze the second you open up your tent door? Beautiful!

There is nothing better for the soul than waking up by the sea. Just make sure to take note of any parking restrictions if you are somewhere public and the rules for the actual location; you don’t want to be an obstruction when people start going for their morning papers!

A Secluded Forest-

Many forestry commissions allow overnight camping on their grounds, and this can could really speak to the adventurer in you!

Find a place that has the seclusion you need but is also a spot that is easily accessible. For example, we might want peace and quiet, but if something were to happen, we would need help to be able to get to us quickly!

On A Farm-

Yes! That’s precisely what we meant to say!

Many farms in all corners of the earth will allow campers onto their land for short stays; you just have to ask!

If this is something that interests you, and circumstances permitting, you can go and camp at a farm that does something you are interested in, such as a dairy farm. You can see some cheese being made, or even a sustainable food farm that has many springs to its bow!

This type of car camping would really appeal to someone who wants to know more about how things are made and produced, and children will love a little lesson!

Music Festival-

Is live music your thing? 

Car camping is probably the best option available for a music festival (this is with no bias, but we think it is the best option!).

Picture the scene… you drive to your destination, find a space, erect your tent-in-a-box, and you literally have your home for the night or the weekend!

This means no lugging heavy equipment around, there’s less chance of forgetting essentials like extra pegs and ropes, and it is a super clever way of having everything you need right there…and some good music, obviously!

As you can see, the convenience of car camping could lead you to be at all of these locations if you wish, and all in once tour!

The best thing about car camping is that it is effortless to put up and take down your box tent, so you can wake up, pack up and move onto another beautiful location!

Happy touring, Car Campers!

The world is your oyster!

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