Tips for car camping with your dog

Tips for car camping with your dog

Whether you’re on a solo camping trip or enjoying time with family or friends, a dog makes
the perfect companion (and, some might argue, might even make better company than your
fellow humans!). Because car camping is a dog-friendly holiday, you also don’t have to
worry about finding a dogsitter every time you decide to drive somewhere for a
spontaneous trip!

Safety first
Use a dog seatbelt for transport to and from the campsite for both your dog’s and your own
safety. Make sure your dog doesn’t get too hot in the car – always keep a window slightly
open if you lock your dog in your car at any point during your trip. Lastly, always make sure
you keep your dog on the lead unless you are in an area that explicitly allows off-lead dogs –
be respectful of other campers personal space by making sure your dog doesn’t come up to
strangers without getting that stranger’s permission first.

Bring Essentials
Whenever you decide to bring your pet, be sure to add these to your checklist: food and
water for your pet, your dog’s food and water bowls, dog poop bags, a lead and a collar. If
your dog likes toys, it also might be worth bringing a few of their favourites. If your dog is
allowed off the lead where you’re camping or hiking, you can even bring a ball to play fetch!
It might also be worth bringing a tent peg or something else to stick in the ground to hold
your dog’s lead in place during the day.

Clean up after your dog
Be sure to carry dog poop bags with you at all times and dispose of them in the appropriate
places – many dog-friendly walking areas will have dog waste bins. Always clean up after
your dog so that you don’t leave any mess behind for fellow campers and hikers.

Go for lots of walks!
It’s your dog’s favourite thing to do, so take advantage of being in nature to take your dog
on lots of hikes and walks. Plus, it’s a great way to explore the place you’ve travelled to! If
you decide to bring your dog camping, you might even want to choose your campsite based
on what walking trails are close by.

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