Places to car camp in England

Places to car camp in England

In these uncertain times, with international travel still being subject to many restrictions, you may find yourself reluctant to leave the country. But never fear – you can satisfy your wanderlust with a staycation! The great thing about living in England is that almost anywhere in England is reachable within a day, so if you’re willing to make the trip you can pretty much go wherever you want!


If you want a beach holiday that makes you feel like you’ve gone abroad, then Cornwall is the place for you! With the summer drawing to a close, if those last rays of sunshine fade before you can soak them up, there’s still plenty to explore in Cornwall! Plus, as the summer ends, the crowds will start to dwindle, giving you more space both to social distance and to relax! There are beautiful fields to walk through and cute towns to visit – try Plymouth if you’re interested in some shopping and a city vibe, or visit Looe for a smaller, more rustic town. And if the weather gets too cold you can always find a pasty shop for an authentic Cornish pasty!

The Lake District

Home to many Romantic poets in the 19th century, the Lake District is full of cute towns, breathtaking views, and, of course, lakes! The Lake District is full of history – follow in the footsteps of Wordsworth by visiting Lake Windermere and following the same walking trails that he used to walk. There’s also plenty of opportunity for water sports at the lakes, so put your wetsuit on and get ready to paddleboard or kayak your way across the lakes! 

The Peak District

The perfect hiking holiday. With plenty of peaks to climb, there are a lot of cool places to walk to and caves to explore! Climb to Thor’s Cave or simply go for a wander and discover the small caves that are scattered around! And there’s plenty of pubs and independent cafes to relax in after a long day of hiking. There are also a lot of cheap fields to camp in the Peak District, so do some research to find the one that suits your needs!

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