Tips for car camping with a toddler

Tips for car camping with a toddler

Car camping is great fun for the whole family. It’s a great chance to spend quality time with your children and create memories that will last a lifetime. However, it can sometimes be difficult to keep your toddler happy and entertained during a camping trip. Here are some tips on how to car camp with a toddler.

Bring toys

It may seem obvious, but it’s worth reminding yourself, in the chaos of packing everything else for your trip, to pack toys for your little one!

Bring a charging block and a phone/tablet

As well as being useful for keeping your mobile phone charged in case of emergencies, charging blocks are useful for keeping your devices charged so that your toddler can watch their favourite movies and cartoons. Just make sure to download enough content to your device ahead of time, as it can sometimes be difficult to get internet whilst camping.

Bring snacks

There’s nothing worse than a hungry toddler (or a hungry parent!) whilst on holiday. Be sure to bring lots of snacks for yourself and your little one – bonus points if they’re healthy snacks that will give you both lots of energy to enjoy your trip! Some good snack ideas include veggie sticks to dip in peanut butter or hummus, trail mix, fruit, raisins, and biscuits.

Go on walks

A great time to bring out your own inner child. Explore nature with your toddler – you don’t have to walk far, simply enjoy being in the great outdoors together!

Make s’mores

A campfire classic. Help your toddler to toast marshmallows over the campfire, get some biscuits and make a kind of ‘sandwich’ with the toasted marshmallow and a piece of chocolate in the centre. 

Bring a flashlight and a book

When it gets dark, there’s nothing better than grabbing a book and spending some quality time reading to your toddler. It could be their favourite book, or you could start something new. It’s a great way to make memories with your child and to send them off to sleep. You might even find that you enjoy the book too!

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