Tips for Camping in your Car

Tips for Camping in your Car

Many people enjoy camping over the weekends. It should never be difficult to explore the option of a car camping trip. The best thing about car camping is that you can embark on a solo adventure or bring along family and friends.

Tips for camping in your car are not only for beginners. Even people who have done car camping for a long time still need to refresh their minds when getting ready for the trip. Just because you are not carrying your tent in your back does not mean you cannot enjoy camping in your car at your favourite site.

The following are some of the tips for camping in your car.

Pre-arrival When planning for your next car camping trip, it is important to ensure that you have a full fuel tank. This will make it easy for you out there on the forest service roads.
Ensure you bring a lot of water. Weight should not worry you since you are not lugging the many bottles of water on your back. These can easily be neatly organized in your car trunk. Also, having a lot of water gives you peace of mind. Additionally, take advantage of every gas station, restroom, and visitor centre; you’ll need this!

Many Motorway service stations now have showers that you may be able to use if asking nicely.

Make your camping trip as luxurious as you’d like it to be. For example, you can bring a thick air mattress and a pillow as well as a two-burner stove. Since this is not a backpacking trip, take advantage of the lack of weight or space constraint to make your camping as comfortable by carrying things you love.

A novel is an excellent example or a portable projector for those late night films.

Pick a site Apart from the paid campsites, you can let your creativity run wild by choosing a site of the norm. For example, you can decide to camp on one of the many available public lands. Thesewill allow you to camp for free, right next to your car. Arrival at the Camp Site.

Set up your campsite and build your dream kitchen, and also set up your stove. Do not forget that your car can act as a staging area to help you stay organized. In this case, you do not need to unpack everything; you can leave things such as extra food and clothes in the car.

When camping, ensure you keep your camping area as clean as possible. Throw out the garbage as frequently as you can, always store food in the car, and stay as organized as possible. When leaving your camping site, also ensure you leave it squeaky clean.

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