Making the Most of Your Car Camping Kitchen

Making the Most of Your Car Camping Kitchen


What sort of gear do you need to have in your car camping kitchen or CampCook? If you’re an overlander, what kind of supplies should you have on hand in case you get stranded somewhere? Or if you’re just looking to make your car camping experience easier and more enjoyable, what kind of gadgets and kitchen gear should you bring with you? Here are some tips on making the most of your car camping kitchen, both for overlanders and regular campers alike.


Why Choose a Car Camping Kitchen?

When you’re looking to set up your car camping kitchen, it’s important to keep one thing in mind: comfort. You want a car camping kitchen that allows you to do your job quickly and easily, allowing you more time to enjoy other aspects of your campout. Just because you’re out camping doesn’t mean there won’t be smells. The CampCook isn’t just an ideal kitchen for car campers; it's also an ideal solution for anyone who loves being outdoors and enjoys travel by campervan or RV.


Setting Up the Car Camping Kitchen

When deciding how to set up your car camping kitchen it's best to start by asking yourself a few questions: how many people will you be cooking for? How much room do you have in your vehicle? Where do you want to keep your food and pots, pans and utensils? All these considerations can help determine how to set up your cooktop and allow you to plan out a space that works best for you.


Cooking on the Roadside

Recipes to Cook in your Campervan on Holiday or Vacation - Whether you’re a seasoned overlander or just going away for a week, preparing food for your road trip is a great way to save money and make every single minute of driving as worthwhile as possible. The CampCook is designed to make it easy and convenient to cook delicious meals wherever you are, even if that’s hundreds of miles from home.


10 Things to Cook While Campervanning

Although you’ll need to be creative in a smaller space, cooking a meal in your car is just as possible as cooking at home. Because your kitchen is mobile, you don’t have to plan a recipe around it—just bring along what you need. Here are 10 things that make great meals cooked on-the-go

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