The Best Solar Panel for Car Camping – CamperCars

The Best Solar Panel for Car Camping – CamperCars

The Best Solar Panel for Camper CarsIf you’re thinking of going car camping, you need to find the best solar panel for your camper car. Having a solar panel for your camper car is a great way to charge your batteries. When installed, you will enjoy clean and quiet energy that you can use so long as the sun is out. However, before deciding to install one in your camper car, you should consider the best solar panel for camper cars. This is because solar panels differ in their efficiency as well as the way they work. Their needs are also different.When choosing a solar panel, there are key differences you need to consider, such as:

  • Rigid
  • Flexible
  • Fixed
  • Portable
  • The type of the solar panel cell: monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and amorphous

In this post, we’ll compare rigid and flexible solar panels, including their features and durability as well as how they function. Rigid Solar PanelsThese are solar cells mounted under tampered glass. They vary in size from huge panels used in residential to small 50W device chargers. Many panels are mounted in the aluminium frame, thereby making them suitable for outdoor use. This is because they can stand sand, hail, and wind. Rigid solar panels are designed with resistant glass. Therefore, it is not prone to scratches and guarantees long-term light efficiency. Additionally, rigid panels are easy to clean in cold weather as they can withstand an ice-scraper. They are cheap and offer durability, among other benefits. Flexible Solar PanelsThese are flat cells molded with a layer of protective plastic on top. They do not have a frame, making them low profile as they can bend to shallow curves such as in a camper car. They are also lightweight. However, the soft plastic cover is prone to scratches but cannot crack from a large impact because of its flexibility. Over-bending the panels causes issues with internal connections and can further result in shorting out between cells. This is one reason why flexible solar panels have a shorter warranty than rigid solar panels. They are more limited to sun exposure since they are not built to stand freely. Therefore, they must be positioned by attaching them to a surface. It is important to note that solar panels work best only when the whole panel receives consistent sunlight. For instance, the more the flexible panels are bent, the less efficient they get because bending deters them from receiving uniform sunlight. Flexible solar panels are suitable for camper cars as they are small and very portable. They are also easy to position.

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