The Ultimate Guide to the Best Car Camping Sites in the UK

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Car Camping Sites in the UK
The Ultimate Guide to the Best Car Camping Sites in the UK

Car camping in the UK can be an amazing experience and it allows you to camp in some pretty incredible places. You might have heard of car camping but aren’t exactly sure what it involves or whether it’s right for you and your family. This guide will give you all the advice you need to know before going car camping in the UK, so that you can ensure you have the best possible trip and don’t end up disappointed because of your lack of knowledge.

How To Choose A Campervan And Removable Camper System
Picking a campervan is an important decision. If you’re going to be spending a lot of time in your new van, it’s imperative that you choose one that has plenty of room and fits all your camping gear too. Here’s how to choose a campervan and a few tips on how to set up your removable camping system so you can have more fun while enjoying nature.

Location, Location, Location
Planning your trip is half of what makes it amazing. You’ve got a destination and an idea of how you want your camping experience to go, but now it’s time to fill in all of those little details. First things first, where are you going? There are some great websites that can help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Know Before You Go
When you go car camping, your accommodation options are a lot more limited than when staying at a hostel or hotel. This is why knowing before you go where you want to stay and how much it’s going to cost is so important.

Know Your Campsite's Restrictions
Some sites allow you to pitch up with your camper van, but restrict certain activities. Whether it’s a particular camping stove or fire pit, make sure you know what can and can’t be used on site before you arrive. Most importantly of all though, remember to clean up after yourself when you leave! This goes for everywhere, not just campsites.

Don't Forget To Pack These Items
The chances are that you’ve already got everything you need for a successful camping trip stashed away somewhere. Make sure your kit is packed with all of these essentials

Be mindful of what you leave behind
Going car camping can be a great way to get back to nature, but with one problem: it leaves your campsite vulnerable. Without a tent or dedicated camp-site, all you’re left with is what you can carry and that means litter could become an issue. Worse still, if you leave behind anything valuable—like a camping stove—it could be stolen.

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