How to Car Camp With Your Kids and Family: A Day in the Forest

How to Car Camp With Your Kids and Family: A Day in the Forest
How to Camp With Your Kids and Family: A Day in the Forest

If you’re looking to take your kids camping, you might be wondering how to keep them entertained and busy while camping with them. The truth is that there are plenty of fun ways to go camping with kids, like cookouts and exploring the forest. You can plan a day in the forest by making pancakes or other food over an open fire, then packing up and heading back home later in the day after letting your kids run free and explore the outdoors. Here’s how to get started!

Get Outdoors
Overlanding doesn’t necessarily mean taking your kids with you, but it’s an easy way to get them involved—especially if they get along well. If you do have little ones, taking them camping is a great opportunity for them to explore nature at their own pace. Just make sure you keep a few things in mind before heading out into the wilderness with your children.

What to Pack
When outfitting your vehicle for an overlanding trip, remember that you’ll be living out of it for however long you’re on-trail. Plan ahead, make a list, and remember that organization is key. If your roof rack isn’t already well-equipped with tie-down spots, get one that is—it makes packing so much easier.

The Gear We Use
CampCook -Overlanding with Children: Ever wondered how people camp when they have young children? In reality, it can be quite simple; all you need is a little knowledge of camping gear, some easy recipes for camp food, and a happy attitude. Start by getting outside as often as possible. Even if it’s not your typical camp-in-the-backcountry experience, our overlanding adventures with our three kids is one of our favorite ways to spend time together.

Putting it all Together
Overnight backpacking trips are a favorite way for many outdoor enthusiasts to get out of their comfort zone. But what if you’re not sure how to get started? Whether you have young kids, an adventurous spirit, or a love of pancakes, putting together a safe and enjoyable family camping trip is easier than you think. Read on for some insider tips on planning your next weekend away. ...or longer!

Food on the Go - Kids Cooking in the Car
Pancakes for All! If you want your kids to eat healthier, overlanding is one of the best ways to get them involved. Not only does cooking on camping trips give your family more quality time together, but it also makes them realize how much work goes into getting their food from plate to mouth—and is a great way for your children and you both start learning about how tasty healthy eating can be.

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