Overlanding - How to Cook With the CampCook Car Kitchen

Overlanding - How to Cook With the CampCook Car Kitchen
Overlanding - How to Cook With the CampCook Car Kitchen

Overlanding can be one of the most rewarding ways to get out there and see the world, but it’s not always easy to prepare delicious meals in cramped car kitchenettes and limited prep space. That’s why we’re excited to introduce you to our all-new CampCook Car Kitchen, the perfect way to make sure your meals on the road are as good as they can be while you experience the freedom and excitement of off-road traveling! Here’s how it works...

What is overlanding?
Overlanding is a style of camping that involves extended travel and where you don’t necessarily set up camp each night. You can think of it as going camping, but not in a tent. Many overlanders are off-road vehicle (ORV) enthusiasts, driving trucks or vans equipped with all manner of accessories – most notably, rooftop tents. Some go even further and use their vehicles as living spaces 24/7.

The CampCook Car Kitchen
Are you an overlander? Do you love getting away from it all and heading off into a rugged corner of your local countryside with nothing but a tent, some sleeping bags and camp food? In that case, you may be missing out on one of overlanding’s greatest pleasures: outdoor cooking. There’s no better way to enjoy a long day exploring than watching colorful sunsets with family or friends while sharing a rustic meal prepared using fresh produce purchased at roadside stands.

Setting Up
The first step is to install your car kitchen in your vehicle. If you have a roof rack, it should be fairly straightforward—attach your kitchen and go! However, if you’re not going with a roof-mounted kitchen, then things are going to get a little more complicated. In most cases you’ll want to mount your kitchen permanently inside of or outside of your vehicle.

Cooking Options
The key is that you need a way to heat water for hot drinks and soup. You can use a burner on your vehicle, or an electric hot water boiler (keep in mind these will take longer). There are a lot of different options on how you want to cook while out in nature so let’s look at some of them. To start, we recommend getting yourself an Adventurer’s Cook Set which has 3 pots: 1 small pot, 1 medium pot, and 1 large pot.

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