Mindfulness and car camping

As we begin to return back to the world of ‘normality’, the pressures of everyday life may be
starting to creep in again and make us feel a bit overwhelmed. If you’re feeling the need to
reconnect with yourself, with nature, and with a slower pace of life, then taking a car
camping trip can be a great way to practice mindfulness! Here are a few mindful practices
that you can employ on your car camping trip.

Pay attention to your senses
Many people use mindfulness to learn to be more present and in the moment. Engaging
your senses is the quickest and best way to instantly focus yourself in the present moment
Spend some time focusing on what you can smell, see, hear, touch and taste in the present
moment. Pay special attention to new sensations that you wouldn’t experience as often at
home, such as the sound of the wind rustling in the trees and the smell of fresh grass.

Cook fresh meals
Don’t underestimate the effects of paying attention when cooking. Be deliberate in your
process – notice the smells, the feeling of satisfaction when chopping vegetables, and the
various tastes that you produce through your cooking.

Appreciate nature
Most of the time, if we are around nature, we don’t stop to appreciate it because we’re so
busy rushing around from one place to the next. Take the time to engage your senses and
enjoy your new surroundings. It’s not every day that you can walk through nature or look up
at a starry sky.

Practice meditation and yoga
Whether you’re a novice or well-seasoned in the practices of yoga and meditation, car
camping can be a great opportunity to relax and take your time with these practices. Find a
nice, quiet space in nature and use these practices to really connect with yourself and with
the present moment. For beginners, there are some great online resources and apps to get
you started with both yoga and meditation. There’s no right or wrong answer, so if you
don’t immediately feel relaxed and at peace then don’t worry – as with car camping itself,
it’s all about the journey!

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