Group activities for car camping with friends

After more than a year of lockdowns and social distancing, many of us are still trying to find
ways to reconnect with our friends both near and far. What better way to do that than to go
on a car camping trip! It’s a great way to bring people together who may live far apart as
everyone can meet in the middle, and it’s a relatively cheap form of holiday. Here are some
ideas for activities that you can do when car camping with friends.

Cook together
Nothing quite builds community like sharing a meal! Why not work together to plan and
cook a meal! You can either take it in turns cooking a meal for everyone, or everyone can
contribute ingredients and take turns preparing and cooking the food. Plus, it’ll make
cooking more fun! That way, it’s extra rewarding when you all sit down to a delicious meal
that you’ve all put effort into.

Watch a movie
Depending on where you’re car camping, you can be low-key in your movie watching, or go
all out! You can simply download a movie on your tablet (making sure that you’ve brought a
portable charger!) and crowd around the screen. However, if you’re camping somewhere
with an electrical hook-up, or even camping in a friend’s garden, why not bring a projector
and make an event of it! You can even use your CampBoxx kitchen to make some popcorn!

Go sight-seeing and explore the local area
If you decide to meet up somewhere in the middle of where your friends live, then you
might find yourself somewhere that you’ve never visited before! Take advantage of being
somewhere new and go on an adventure in the local area. Try and find interesting cafes,
pubs, museums and local curiosities.

Go hiking together
As well as exploring the local towns and populated areas, why not explore the local walking
areas with your friends as well? It’ll be a great chance to properly catch up with your friends
as you walk, and maybe even take some Instagram-worthy photos of each other along the

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