How to turn your car camping trip into a glamping trip

You may have heard of glamping. Think more luxury than your standard canvas tent,
usually complete with electricity, running water, walls thick enough to keep out extreme
heat and cold, and a ‘real’ bed! However, glamping tends to be far more budget-busting
than regular camping. Car camping, on the other hand, is already an upgrade from regular
camping. With the CampBoxx, you’ll have plenty of extra space in your car to bring along
some luxury items. Here are some tips on how you can turn your car camping trip into even
more of a glamping trip whilst maintaining a budget!

Bring a toilet tent
A toilet tent may cost a bit of money, but it’s a one-time investment that will never not be
useful on a camping trip! Providing privacy and convenience, a toilet tent is definitely a
must-have for those who want a bit of luxury. Also a great option for when you’re camping
somewhere that isn’t on a campsite. Alternatively, you can choose a campsite that has good
flushing toilets and showers. However, if you’re a frequent camper, investing in a toilet tent
might save you money in the long run.

Book an electric hook-up
When you’re looking to book a campsite, try to choose one that has the option of an electric hook-up for your camping area. Most places will charge extra for this luxury, but the
benefits are undeniable. Not only can you charge your phone, you can also bring a small
fridge and other cooking appliances (why not bring a rice cooker if you’re feeling fancy).
Likewise, you can put the ‘glam’ in ‘glamping’ by using a hair drier and being able to plug in
your hair straighteners or curling iron.

Bring a fridge
This one does rely on booking a campsite that has an electric hook-up. However, bringing a
small electric cooler opens up a world of culinary possibilities, from milk for your tea and
coffee to keeping produce fresh for several days.

Bring extra equipment
From camping equipment to cooking equipment, you’ll have plenty of extra space in your
car if you’re used to camping in tents instead of car camping, so why not put the space to
good use! Camping chairs are great for sitting around during a meal or gathering around a
campfire in the evening. Bringing a gazebo (if you don’t own one you can usually get them
cheaply second-hand, or borrow one from a friend!) also adds a layer of luxury, as you can
enjoy more of the outdoors even when the weather isn’t as nice as you’d hope for.

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