Car camping at a festival

When you think of car camping, you may think of relaxed weekends in the woods camping
with your family or a group of a few friends. Whilst this is a great way to spend your car
camping holiday, the great thing about car camping is it’s versatility! If you’re someone who
loves going to music festivals in the summer, why not try car camping at a festival! Here are
some great reasons to, and tips for, bringing your camper car to a festival.

Research the rules ahead of time
As with any mode of car camping, you’ll want to make sure that your destination allows for
car camping. Not all music festivals will allow car camping, so be sure to contact the festival
organisers before making any solid plans. However, if car camping on festival grounds isn’t
allowed, that doesn’t mean you have to give up! There will usually be plenty of other areas
such as independent campsites within a close proximity to festival grounds that you can
park your camper car. You’ll miss out slightly by not camping right at the festival, but what
you lose in proximity you’ll make up for in comfort! If you do decide to car camp offsite then
make sure you have planned a safe mode of transport to and from the festival grounds.

Reasons to choose car camping
Festivals are always a little messy – you’re outside all day, exposed to sunshine or rain (and
the accompanying mud), and you’re dancing in groups of sweaty people all singing the same songs together. After a long day of living your best festival life, the last thing you want to do is crawl into a damp and cold tent. With car camping, you can enjoy a degree of luxury – including sleeping in an actual bed and being protected from the elements.

Festival food
Festivals usually have some great food on offer from food trucks. However, these meals
usually come with an inflated price tag due to their convenience. With the CampBoxx, you
can make your own meals with little fuss. You don’t have to dream big – a simple can of
soup with bread, or boiling your own water for a pot noodle and a cup of tea, can go a long

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