6 Reasons You Should Give Car Camping a Chance

6 Reasons You Should Give Car Camping a Chance
6 Reasons You Should Give Car Camping a Chance

Step out of your comfort zone and enjoy the great outdoors with a simple, inexpensive car camping experience that can be adapted to any trip, whether it’s in your own backyard or on the other side of the country. Car camping is a great way to discover new destinations and make lasting memories with family and friends without breaking the bank. Check out these six reasons you should give car camping a chance!

1) Save Money
One of the biggest benefits of car camping is you don’t have to spend as much on your holiday. If you’re in an RV or campervan, you won’t need to rent equipment, which means an incredible savings of money. The same goes for backpacking; car camping allows you to travel with everything in your everyday car and only sleep in it at night – instead of paying extra money for tents or backpacks, or buying new stuff altogether. It doesn’t matter if you travel frequently or once per year, car camping can help save money because of its frugal nature.

2) Explore Everywhere
There are so many great sights out there to see, and so much fun to be had. So go explore! Car camping is an excellent way to travel light and on-the-cheap, whether you’re traveling solo or with friends. There are few places in Australia that don’t have car camping spots available close by, making it easy to spend time in nature every weekend.

3) Pack Less
Car camping, as it’s called, isn’t like traditional tent camping. Rather than carrying lots of gear in large backpacks or hiking to your campsite, car campers load up their everyday vehicle with food and other supplies. To camp in a car you’ll need at least one sleeping bag (or blankets) per person, two pillows per person, a cooler packed with ice packs for keeping food cold and plenty of extra snacks.

4) Stay Connected
No longer do you have to go through hours of hassle and planning when you want to spend some time in nature, with all your gear. With campervans available on sites like Kiwi Campervan Holidays and Maui Campervans , it’s easy to hit that road.

5) Sleep Easier
There’s no better way to relax after a long day at work than by sleeping under the stars in your car! That doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your comfort for a unique camping experience. Some of today’s campers have amenities that make them as comfy as home on wheels, from flat-screen TVs and Wi-Fi to fully functional kitchens. To sleep easier and keep food warm, try camping with your everyday car!

6) Experience Peace & Quiet
One of the best things about car camping is that it gets you away from all of our daily distractions. If your campsite is surrounded by trees, you’ll have plenty of privacy, so you can sleep without being bothered. Enjoy Being Unplugged: There are few things more relaxing than sitting around a campfire with family and friends who mean everything to you, without having to worry about checking your cell phone every five minutes or sending an email that absolutely must go out right now. It might not be practical in everyday life—but for a few days each year, isn’t it worth it? Forget Checking In/Out: Staying at hotels can be frustrating for several reasons—but one of them is feeling like you have to check in and check out again when you move from one place to another. Leave yourself free from worrying about hassles like these when heading out on vacation! Pack What You Want & Need: When staying at hotels, you often end up packing more than you need because what if scenarios arise. Not so with car camping! Take as much (or as little) gear as will fit into your vehicle – plus some extra room to breathe – then drive off into nature to relax while still feeling comfortable.

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