Activities For Solo Camping

Whilst it can be fun to go camping with a group of people, be it friends or family, sometimes

you might feel the need to take a different kind of trip. Sometimes you might want to take
the opportunity of a free weekend to take a solo camping vacation, whether you want to
take some time to yourself, or you’re feeling the call to adventure on a solo trip. Car
camping makes this even easier because, as long as you have your car, you don’t have to
plan too far in advance or rely on anyone else – you can just get in your car and go! Here are some ideas for how to make the most of your solo car camping trip.

Bring a book
Can be done come rain or shine. Bring a camping chair and take some time to read whilst
relaxing in nature when the sun is shining. Also great for cosying up in your camper car bed
at night with a mug of hot chocolate and a torch and reading to your heart’s content!

Try a new hobby
Whether it’s painting, writing, singing, dancing, violin, guitar, yoga, or something else
entirely! It doesn’t matter what skill level you’re at, there will be no one around to see or
hear you so this is a great time to just let your creativity flow!

Go for walks
Download your favourite album or audiobook on your phone, or simply listen to the sounds
of nature as you go on a solo adventure exploring the area around where you’re camping. If
you decide that you do want some company along, then a dog makes a great addition to
your trip and is great for taking on walks.

Take lots of pictures
Just because you’re on a solo trip, that doesn’t mean you can’t make your friends jealous by
posting some pictures of your trip on social media! See if you can find some naturally
beautiful areas to take pictures of, or set a timer and take pictures of yourself on your
adventure! This is also a great way to capture memories of your trip to look back on!

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