The Great British Car Camping Adventure

The Great British Car Camping Adventure
The Great British Car Camping Adventure

The ultimate Car Camping experience doesn’t just happen by chance; it requires careful planning and picking the right vehicle to suit your needs! So, if you’re planning on trying out the great British car camping adventure this summer, be sure to check out the following tips before you go!

Car Camping in England
People in the UK don’t typically think of car camping as a way to get out into nature. We imagine a red Subaru hatchback, with rock climbing ropes and a yoga mat in back, driving down dirt roads through mountains and forests to find our perfect campsite by day. In England, however, car camping is just as common as sleeping outside in your sleeping bag or inside your tent. Many Brits own campervans—an enclosed van with a pop-up roof that looks like a miniature RV.

Wales, Car Camping in Snowdonia
Snowdonia National Park is home to Snowdon, which at 3,560 feet is England’s highest mountain. And thanks to Snowdonia’s famous Crib Goch Ridge—considered by some to be one of the best ridge walks in Europe—you can take in spectacular views of it from up high. With a campervan and car camping trip you can do all of that in your own backyard!

Scotland, Car Camping on Isle of Skye
If you’re looking for somewhere to pitch your tent, there are a variety of campgrounds throughout Scotland that have all kinds of different amenities. If you want to stay in touch with family or friends back home, there are plenty of campsites with internet access. You can also get help from rangers and volunteers if you run into trouble while camping or hiking.

Northern Ireland, Car Camping on Giants Causeway Coast
Located in Northern Ireland, Giants Causeway Coast is a beautiful, scenic coast. The mainland and island are dotted with lovely villages, farms and breathtaking beaches. You can explore it by campervan or get closer to nature in a pop-up campboxx. Here’s how you make your own:
This step-by-step guide will show you how to build your own campervan. We highly recommend that you work with an experienced builder when doing something like building your campervan from scratch; however, if you want to learn about some of the basics of van building then read on! Also, these instructions are for making a soft-sided pop-up campboxx tent specifically. If you’re interested in learning more about other types of campers (you can learn all about everything from pop-up trailers to vans) we would encourage you to check out campboxx! They have lots of great tips and advice for all things car camping, as well as accessories and gear.

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