The Best Camper Cars for your Next Camping Expedition

The Best Camper Cars for your Next Camping Expedition

At CamperCars.UK, we look out for all your camping needs from giving you tips to ensuring you enjoy your first wild car camping experience. In this post, we will share with you the best Camper Cars for your Next Camping expedition. Whether you are a first time car camper or you have experiences, you will learn a thing or two from this post.

As a car camper, there are things you need to ensure plan for, one of which is where you will be sleeping during your camping expedition. This is why, when you are looking for the best camper cars for your ns camping expedition, you should consider one most important factor; plenty of boot space. This will come in handy to help you easily carry your outdoor kits, food, and other kitchen supplies; this is for those who plan to sleep in the car. However, if you would rather pitch a tent, then you can fill your large boot space with your tent and other gadgets. Additionally, another thing you need to look for when finding a camper car is the cost of the car. Remember, you not need to spend a fortune to enjoy a posh camping experience. You can enjoy car camping at very low cost…We will talk about this in our next post!

Therefore, we have selected a few models that offer a large boot space that can be highly beneficial in carrying tents, folding chairs, stoves, a kitchen skink as well as several pack packs and cases. The selected cars can also deal with rough campsite tracks with muddy swamps.

1. Jeep RenegadeOne of our all-time favorites is a four wheel drive because it offer enough space to carry the camping essentials. It is also a good option for those who would like to sleep in the car because it has enough space; all you need is to install a bed. Furthermore, this car is perfect for the muddy campsite swamps and rough roads. For those planning to enjoy a wild camping expedition, this Jeep was born ready for the wilderness! With its space, attaching a tent, and four people can comfortably sleep in the car. It is quite expensive in terms of cost, but is will be worth your while! However, you can get a used deal from as low as £8000.00

Other cars that offer a large boot space and can be used for car camping include an Audi Q3, Volvo XC90, the Mini Countryman, a Peugeot Rifter, and a Volkswagen Golf Estate.

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