How to go Wild Camping in your Car in the UK

How to go Wild Camping in your Car in the UK

Do you enjoy camping? So, you already know you can go camping in your car, right? Well, there are so many ideas on How to go Wild Camping in your car in the UK. People are slowly embracing the idea of car camping, so should you! Furthermore, many call it stealth camping or makeshift camp vanning; whichever works for you, it is doable.

Car camping in the UK today remains the most simple and spontaneous as well as cheap type of camping that has seen many people from all over the country embracing this very affordable idea. Therefore, if you are a camping enthusiast in the UK, it is time for you to turn your car into a part-time camper, or you can start exploring the market for a camper car that would fit your camping needs.

So, why should you camp in your car?

Very simple. Car camping is cheap, gives you the freedom to enjoy your adventures as it is multifunctional and spontaneous.

Car camping is one of the most basic ways to go wild camping because it allows you to sleep in your car. Furthermore, all you need in this case is a duvet, a sleeping bag, or a portable toilet, as well as your own supply of water and food. Additionally, you can have a small functional kitchen unit in your trunk to cook your meals.

Typically, no one will even notice you are camping as you can park your car anywhere. This makes car camping a perfect stealth camp. So, you can park anywhere, including the wild, to enjoy an adventurous car camping experience. However, in as much as car camping gives you the freedom to enjoy camping anywhere, even in the wild, always ensure you respect the people or animals you find in that area.

For example, if you are camping in the wild, avoid littering as this can be very hazardous to nature and other animals that could be living in that area.

When camping in the wild, there are a lot of factors that you need to consider. One of them being your safety as well as where you will sleep. Generally, you could pitch a tent and have a normal camping experience. But with a car, it becomes even more interesting. When car camping in the wild, you can sleep in your car. This is because your car is not only more warm and comfortable, but it also protects you from the wind and rain. Furthermore, it is more soundproof than a tent making it an ideal perfect, wild camping tool.

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