10 Ways to Get Outside This Summer

10 Ways to Get Outside This Summer
10 Ways to Get Outside This Summer

The best part about summer is that it’s the perfect time to get outside and enjoy all the world has to offer. Whether you choose to spend your summer relaxing in your backyard with friends or taking a vacation, there are plenty of outdoor activities available for you to try out this season. Here are ten of the best ways you can get outside this summer and make the most of the season before it slips away!

1) Campervan it!
If you’re up for an adventure but also want a bit of comfort, a campervan is a great option. Renting one for a road trip allows you to tour at your own pace and stop wherever you want.

2) Car Camping
Find a nearby site, make reservations and hit up a campervan or an old school car. It’s very economical in terms of both cost and being low impact on our environment, writes Casandra Smith from AdventureSmith Explorations. There’s even a woman-owned company that makes retrofitted campervans with solar panels and green design in mind. Win! Check out our editor Camille Rothstein van Straten’s guide to car camping here.

3) Day Hikes
One of our favorite things about hiking is how accessible it is. Day hikes are a great way to explore new places near home, and it’s also a low-commitment way for you and your kids (or friends) to get outside. Think of day hikes as touring; you don’t need much, just some sturdy shoes or boots and plenty of water. You can explore new areas or connect with nature in familiar territory while training your body and mind.

4) Fishing
Fishing is a great way to spend time outdoors. If you haven’t been fishing before, find out how to do it legally with your state government’s fishing website or from someone who has experience and local knowledge. Take fishing lessons if you need them, but find a mentor that can teach you about different types of fish, tackle and equipment, and current laws. Car camping is a good way to get outside for people who are new at camping.

5) Kayaking
Paddling along a river offers a great touring experience for both beginners and more advanced paddlers. If you’re looking for a camping trip that doesn’t require you to pitch a tent, car camping is another good option. If you don’t have your own kayak, there are lots of different ways that you can rent one for cheap, or even find tours that will guide you along scenic routes on some of America’s top rivers.

6) Beach Days
Whether you’re hitting up a pool in your neighborhood or hitting up a beach, keep yourself looking and feeling fly by spraying on sunscreen and keeping hydrated (keeping your skin healthy will help you look 10 years younger). By taking some time out of your busy schedule, you’ll be able to re-energize so that you can return from vacation feeling fresh as a daisy. It doesn’t hurt that sunning at water is one of America’s favorite pastimes.

7) Tour with friends
Sometimes, we want to spend time outdoors but end up staying home. To help remedy that, take a bike tour with a few friends. It’s easy—find a local group via Meetup or just hit your favorite app on your phone—and it’s fun! You can also pack a cooler of snacks and water so you don’t have to leave mid-ride for food or drinks (unless you want to). Most importantly, it gets you outside.

8) Water Sports
Even if you don’t have a pool, there are plenty of ways to get wet. Canoeing, kayaking and jet skiing are all fun water sports that give you a chance to enjoy some of our most beautiful lakes. They also provide a great way for everyone in your family or group of friends to participate in your adventure.

9) Indoor Camping Parties
If you don’t have a deck or a backyard, create an indoor campout for your family. The American Red Cross offers tips for setting up a tent indoors, and can even provide you with one if needed. It may sound strange at first, but it could be just what your kids are looking for. And it beats fighting with them about getting out of their video games long enough to go outside and play some ball!

10) Play in your backyard
All summer long, your backyard can be a playground. Whether you’re scaling a tree, building a fort or playing wiffle ball in that dead space between your house and fence, there are hours of enjoyment waiting for you just outside your back door.

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