Top 10 reasons we love being outdoors

Top 10 reasons we love being outdoors

What’s not to love about being outdoors? There’s the fresh air, the vast views, and the feeling of unlimited freedom that comes with doing something as simple as walking through the woods. Here are 10 reasons why we love being outdoors (and some great ideas on how to incorporate it into your lifestyle!)

1) Freedom

We’re all a little different, but there’s one common theme that can unite us—the freedom of being outdoors. Whether it’s hiking, camping or relaxing in your own backyard, there’s something about nature that brings with it a sense of freedom that you won’t get inside. It’s what makes us all want to spend more time outside. Here are our top 10 reasons why we love being outdoors. Enjoy!

2) Being outdoors makes us happy

There are so many things to do outside, and those opportunities naturally bring people together. The fresh air, sunshine, and beautiful views have a natural positive influence on us. Time spent outside doesn’t necessarily have to include a camping trip; there are plenty of enjoyable outdoor activities you can participate in without leaving your hometown. Some of these include hiking, gardening, boating and kayaking.

3) Feeling the rush of the wind

No amount of air conditioning can match that feeling you get from an afternoon out on a mountain or by a lake. That’s just some good old-fashioned Vitamin N (Nature) at work; Nature delivers endorphins, which can relieve stress and help us relax. Feeling super relaxed when you go camping? Now that’s one good reason to head outside. Looking for ways to feel less stress and more satisfied at work?

4) Rediscovering old hobbies

As our schedules fill up with jobs, family responsibilities and chores, it can be easy to forget about hobbies. Getting back into camping is a great way to rediscover old passions that you might have let fall by the wayside in favor of your schedule. Plus, getting out into nature gives us an opportunity to clear our minds from daily worries and stressors—and rediscover why we enjoy those hobbies in the first place. Spend some time learning about camping!

5) Looking at beautiful scenery

Whether it’s a lush and colorful forest, an ocean view, or even just watching birds fly through a blue sky, looking at beautiful scenery has been shown to soothe our nerves and make us feel less stressed. Breathing in fresh air and spending time among nature can improve your mood and help you relax.

6) Getting out of our comfort zone

It's a cliché, but spending time in nature can help us live more authentically. Exposing ourselves to elements that are different than what we're used to is a great way to put everyday life into perspective. Spending time in nature can also encourage you to try new things that you may not otherwise have considered. So get out of your comfort zone, and head outside! You'll be glad you did.

7) Learning new things

Being outside provides a wealth of opportunities to learn. Hiking in new places can teach you more about local history and geology, for example. You can also learn how to best enjoy your favorite outdoor activity through trial and error, picking up tips and tricks along the way. Getting back to nature gives us a break from technology, which is full of reminders of what’s waiting for us at home or work—but going outside lets us forget about our troubles for a while.

8) Realizing how little control we have over life

We can’t control everything around us, and that’s okay. Whether you are hunkering down for a snowstorm or lounging in sun on a lazy afternoon, be thankful for your life and don’t sweat small stuff. The grass may always seem greener on the other side, but when you look at it from up close, green is green. Look at today with gratitude and know that no matter what happens tomorrow, there will always be another day after that.

9) Experiencing nature in its purest form

When people spend time in nature, they feel more connected to themselves and others. Spending time outside can have a positive effect on many areas of your life. Studies have shown that getting outside reduces depression, improves focus and concentration, encourages creative thinking, and can even make you happier. The benefits are enormous and long-lasting—so why not spend more time in nature? Here are ten reasons why being outdoors is great for your health.

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