Car Camping Essentials Checklist

When you’re getting ready to go car camping, it can sometimes feel overwhelming trying to
remember everything that you need to bring in order to survive, and thrive, in your car! If
you find yourself stuck on what to bring on your car camping trip, here is our checklist of
essential items to make your trip convenient, safe, and enjoyable!

Make sure that your car is full with enough petrol to get you to and from where you need to
go. If you will need to fill up on petrol on your journey, make sure you plan ahead to make
sure that there will definitely be a petrol station on your way.

There isn’t always an easy way to access clean water when you’re staying at a campsite. The
great thing about bringing your car is that you don’t have to worry about carrying heavy
bottles of water. Be sure to bring some water for washing up dishes with your CampBoxx
kitchen sink, as well as plenty of bottles of drinking water.

Cooking equipment
This one may sounds obvious, but be sure that you stock your CampBoxx kitchen up with
enough bowls, plates, cutlery, and cups for the amount of people that you will be feeding.
Likewise, pots, pans, and chopping boards are all a must for car camping cooking. It also
might be worth bringing a kettle if you want to make tea and coffee.

Your CampBoxx comes with a bed giving you the perfect foundation to make your car a
haven of cosiness. Make sure you bring a nice warm duvet in case it gets cold at night, and
plenty of pillows for extra comfort.

First aid kit
This one is something worth keeping in your car all the time. Being out in nature, you never
know when you might need to treat scratches and scrapes.

Be sure to bring electrics that don’t rely on being charged by your car in order to avoid using up your car battery. A portable charging block for your phone and tablets is a must for making sure you’re able to make calls in case of emergencies, as well as providing
entertainment at night if you want to snuggle down in your camp car bed and watch a film.
Likewise, it’s worth bringing some battery powered flash lights so that you can illuminate
your car without using up your car battery, and this also opens up the opportunity to read at night before you go to sleep!

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