CamperCar Etiquette: What Should You Do When Camping in a Campervan?

CamperCar Etiquette: What Should You Do When Camping in a Campervan?

You’ve decided to go on an adventure, and you need to book some tickets. But where should you go? You want to get out of the city, but you don’t want to spend hours driving from one place to another — especially if you’re going camping. For these reasons, it makes sense to travel in a campervan instead of in a car. Campervans make it easy to explore the countryside without spending too much time behind the wheel. Here are the tips you need to know when traveling in a campervan and camping along the way!

Park sensibly

One of these often-overlooked pieces of campervan etiquette is where to park your car. It’s rude to take up more than one space, so keep that in mind when selecting your campsite (or parking lot spot). And if you find yourself camping with another campervan, set some rules ahead of time (at least regarding who gets which space) so you don’t have to work through any awkward situations mid-trip.

Practice good hygiene

Cooking at a campsite is quite different from preparing food in your own kitchen. Cooking over an open fire means not only will you have to worry about carbon monoxide poisoning, but also keeping pots, pans and utensils clean while on the road. Use hand sanitizer when handling dishes to keep them clean during travel and avoid spreading bacteria that can lead to stomach problems.

Take your trash with you

If you’re traveling by car and using a campervan, it can be tempting to leave trash behind—but your fellow campers would rather you take it with you. This should go without saying, but toss your trash in the nearest bin after each meal.

Respect other campers

People can get territorial over their campsites, so if you’re going to be parked on a site for more than one night, ask politely for permission before setting up camp. No matter how far you are from home, try to follow that old Boy Scout rule of leave no trace—especially when you’re camping and cooking in your car. People who live and play near parks love these areas and take care of them by keeping them clean. Always try to minimize waste when car camping.

Stay safe

Staying safe is always important, but it’s particularly crucial when you’re on an overnight camping trip. After all, it’s easy to forget that you are outdoors when you are camping with your friends or family. But if something goes wrong—and things do go wrong—it’s incredibly difficult to reach safety. Whether you’re far from civilization or not, you need to know what to do if someone becomes injured while car camping. By familiarizing yourself with some basic first aid skills, you can keep everyone safe and have a more enjoyable trip at campgrounds around North America and abroad.

Be careful of bees, wasps, and hornets

Believe it or not, you’re likely to have some bees, wasps, and hornets around your campsite. This is especially true if you plan on doing some car camping at night when they’re active. Always be mindful of what can come into contact with your face while you sleep and always make sure to get up to scout out your surroundings before settling down for bed.

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