Due to the demand for our CampBoxx and CampCook units around Europe and further afield we have decided to start offering our European and International shipping options. We are currently gathering prices from various couriers and will be updating our shipping locations shortly.

If you would like to arrange shipping of the CampBoxx unit to be shipped directly to you please due the following dimensions and weight when arranging collection from us.

Please also let us be aware that you are arranging collection and the time and date it will arrive, We are also happy to drop off at local depot if they are close.

Parcel 1 : 103cm x 60cm x 12 cm – 19KG

Parcel 2: 115cm x 63cm x 13cm – 19.8KG

Parcel 3: (Tall Thin in centre) 139cm x 12cm x 6cm – 2KG

Parcel 4: 30cm x 40cm x 30cm – 4kg